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Amanchy, R., Periaswamy, B., Mathivanan, S., Reddy, R., Tattikota, S. G. and Pandey, A. A compendium of curated phosphorylation-based substrate and binding motifs. Nature Biotechnology. 25, 285-286. [PubMed]

What is PhosphoMotif Finder?
PhosphoMotif Finder contains known kinase/phosphatase substrate as well as binding motifs that are curated from the published literature. It reports the PRESENCE of any literature-derived motif in the query sequence.
 List of phospho serine/threonine based motifs here
What PhosphoMotif Finder is NOT!
PhosphoMotif Finder does NOT PREDICT any motifs in the query protein sequence using any algorithm or other computational strategies.
 List of phospho tyrosine based motifs here

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